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How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

Want to hire a contractual worker for your Job?

  1. Register as an Employer.
  2. Post a Job.
  3. Search a Worker and hire.
  4. Search a Service and buy.
  • Trust

    How do I trust ?

    All  the Workers listed in this website are verified from the Government authorities and you can trust them. We help you to get rid of your worries.

  • Skill

    How Do I verify Skills?

    We have verified the works done by the Workers listed here. You can check their portfolio and interview them with a small task mutually agreed.

  • Payment

    what are the Payment terms and rate ?

    PeerIndia is a platform to introduce verified and skilled workers. 

    Rate and payments to be discussed to personally. 

    In-case of any dispute arising due to terms we can intervene and arrange for legal procedures  to settle the dispute. This is a FEE Based service with appointment of professional lawyers. 



Looking for Job?

Get Hired Quickly!

All the Jobs posted in the site are verified and you have the highest possibility that your payment is Guaranteed.

  • Hiring

    How do I get Hired?

    There are two options of getting hired .

    1. You can bid on the job post and contact the employer directly.
    2. You can Post a service and clients can purchase the service. 
  • Trust

    How do I trust the employer?

    All the job post and the employers here are verified and you have the possibility to work on milestone basis to guarantee your payments.

  • Job Contract

    What is the job contract period?

    The job contract varies with the requirement based on case to case basis which can be best answered by the Client. / Employer.